This makes NO sense!!

On Monday, my niece was sentenced to 61 years in prison. A year ago, she hit two sheriff deputies in the jail parking lot. Both deputies were able to return to active duty. She was found GUILTY, BUT MENTALLY ILL.

A year ago, around the same time, a drunk driver hit a pedestrian and fled the scene. This caused the victim permanent paralysis and now she is confined to a wheelchair. Her life was dramatically changed.  However, this  driver was only sentenced to 10 years in prison.

These incidents occurred in the same state.

I don’t get it. Do you?

My UNUSUAL love story…


1982. It was after an annual church convention service and she and her friends were walking thru the crowd of thousands of churchgoers looking for other friends.

He was ushering that day. Weaving in and out rows of chairs, the girls were stopped by him. He was smiling – the girls were giggling. He said that he wanted to see who was paying attention to the minister during the service by whomever answered his question. The winner would get a handful of candy. She rolled her eyes, sucked her teeth, grabbed the candy while walking away.

Four years later… She saw him standing amongst a group of mutual friends before church services at the same annual church convention. She walked up to him… After a greeting & a hug, she invited him to sit with her during the service. Little did she know that he already had intentions of asking her dad if he could take her out on a date that evening…

First date: Dinner at the Olive Garden followed by a walk on the beach. At the end of the date, he wanted to kiss her, but felt he shouldn’t because her father was a minister.

In 2015, on our 18th wedding anniversary,  we will celebrate with dinner at the Olive Garden – as we do on every anniversary. Followed by a walk thru historic downtown  (there are no beaches here). And he doesn’t hesitate to kiss me.

What’s on my mind…?

Monday, December 1st! 24 days until Xmas…I start nursing school in 15 days… One daughter returns to public school tomorrow… Another daughter goes back to college this week… then there are a host of holiday or birthday parties that I’m attending or co-hosting. Yet, all day I was tossing back and forth ideas to write about tonight. 
At this very moment I am disappointed that I didnt hit ANY numbers in the Lotto drawing tonight. 😦  I should have bought some scratch-offs instead.
Ok, back to wherever I was headed earlier in writing… December is going to be a busy month! Busy is good for me. Keeps me focused. … my father who is 79, is really ill and I am extremely scared. Let people know how U feel about them b4 it’s too late…